10th to 13th November

Guidelines for Chairpersons in Cytocon

  • Chairpersons are requested to be present in the designated room before the due time. 
  • They are requested to take the stage promptly at the appointed time and initiate the session.
  • They are requested to ensure that their session proceeds according to the prescribed time limit/schedule. 

Guidelines for Abstract submission for Cytocon

  1. A given candidate can submit only one abstract – either for a proffered paper or for a poster presentation.
  2. The abstract shall be written in English only.
  3. The abstract text shall not exceed 300 words. This word limit does not include title of the paper , name of author(s) and their affiliation(s).
  4. The abstract shall contain the following  heads in the order mentioned below :
    a) Title : Entire title of paper shall be in capital letters without any  abbreviation.
    b) Author(s) : Presenting author’s name shall be underlined.
    c) Affiliation : Department and institution of the presenting author.
    d) Address : Complete postal address of the presenting author for communication.
    e) E mail : E mail id of the presenting author for communication.
    ​f) Mobile : Contact number of the presenting author for communication.​
    g) Text of abstract :  Shall be structured using Times New Roman size 12 font and shall consist of introduction, aim/objective, material and method, observation/result and conclusion. The sequence detailed shall be meticulously followed.
  5. 5.If the presenting author is different from the corresponding author, the same shall be clearly indicated at the time of submission.
  6. 6.The author shall clearly indicate if the abstract is being submitted for oral or poster presentation.
  7. 7.Mere submission of an abstract for a given category does not imply that it shall be accepted in that category. The final decision regarding category of presentation shall lie with Secretary IAC in consultation with the committee constituted for the said purpose.
  8. 8.If the author is undecided whether he/she would like the abstract to be considered for oral or poster presentation, then the Secretary IAC in consultation with the committee constituted for the said purpose shall decide the category of presentation and this shall be binding for the author.
  9. 9.Generally, case reports are accepted for poster presentation only.
  10. 10.Abbreviation(s) may be used after defining them first.
  11. 11.Trade names shall not be used in the title of abstract.
  12. 12.Figure, table, chart, illustration and references shall not be included in the abstract.
  13. 13.The candidate is to submit the abstract through e-mail to the Secretary of IAC and to the Organising Secretary of the conference before the last date mentioned in the brochure.
  14. 14.By submitting the abstract, the author agrees to confine his/her presentation to the topic detailed in the abstract.
  15. 15.By submitting the abstract, it is presumed that the presenting author has the consent of his/her co-author(s) for presenting the paper in Cytocon.
  16. 16.Submission of an abstract does not constitute registration of the candidate for conference.
  17. 17.The abstract shall be accepted only if the author is registered for that conference.
  18. 18.The Secretary of Organising Committee shall communicate acceptance of abstract to the corresponding author at the email id detailed in the abstract, at least one month before the conference.
  19. 19.Please ensure that abstract does not contain any spelling, grammatical or scientific error.
  20. 20.The abstract shall be reproduced in conference brochure exactly as submitted. No editing or proof reading of the submitted abstract shall be done.
  21. 21.After the deadline for abstract submission is over, no change shall be permitted in the abstract.
  22. 22.All accepted abstracts shall be published in the conference brochure – which may either be in hard copy or soft copy.
  23. 23.After acceptance of the abstract if the presenting author is unable to present, then with prior permission from the Organising Secretary of conference one of the co-author(s) shall be permitted to present in his/her place.
  24. 24.If a candidate wants to withdraw the submitted abstract, he/she can do so after giving a written statement to Secretary IAC reflecting the reason(s) for the same. Moreover, this shall be permitted only till one month before the due date of presentation.